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Dear visitors!

The reconstruction of the jewish cemetery in Fiľakovo started as a civic project. We began in 2012 and we hop that with time we will repair bring of the cemetery into a more fitting state. This way we want to show respect to our erstwhile neighbours, to honor their memory.
In the last 5 years we improved the state of the cemetery with rigorous gardening and in 2017 we finally got to repairing the tombstones.Each year we would like not only to maintain the cemetery, but also repair 30-40 tombstones. If everything goes according our plans we will have repaired all tombstones by 2019.
Then we would like to identify tombstones by names and create and maintain a list of people buried here.
We think that eventual success in this project will be nice. We are currently doing everything we can and we hope we will be able to continue.
This way we honor the memories of those who did not survive the horrors of war.
Citizens of Fiľakovo